4bMy name is Danica (pronounced De-nit-sa). I am a coach, trainer, healer, spiritual teacher, intuitive, motivational speaker, author, poet, baker & entrepreneur.

My big thing is connection. That’s at the core of everything I do – supporting others to find out what they are disconnected from and helping them come back to connection. This can be about health and well-being, self-belief, confidence, courage, strength, relationships, leadership, listening to yourself, understanding your strengths, feeling at peace and acceptance about who you are and your life as it presents itself whilst being connected to new possibilities going forward.

As a healer and spiritual teacher, my work is about your connection to peace. Most people I see or speak to feel a disconnect from their life in some way, which causes anxiety. This anxiety further gets in the way of feeling at peace about the decisions we have to make, or the steps we would like to take. So finding a peacefulness brings a connection to feeling stronger about moving forward in every area of our life.

As The Changemakers’ Coach™ I am passionate about working with “Changemakers” – I believe that we are living in some of the most exciting times our planet has ever seen. This work is about connection to courage, speaking up, leadership, presence, showing up.

In business, I particularly love working with individuals, teams and businesses who would like to bring a newer set of values to their business based on the 3P model: Profit, People, Planet, along with those of compassionate leadership, authenticity, self-awareness, creativity, intuitive thinking and love at work. All of this to me is about connection, and I am always in awe of the amazing transformations I see teams go through when given time to connect with each other, to understand how and why we each as individuals can struggle with some of what we do, based on our strengths, and areas of non-strength (yes we all have them!), and celebrating each others’ strengths and how they can support the work of the team.

My greatest strength is in developing others – over 20 years’ experience as a trainer, as well as being a teacher and coach – have enabled me to realise how much I love witnessing people have “eureka moments” – realising what they are truly capable of achieving for themselves, their teams, their businesses – and our planet. And then watching them achieving great success with those realisations.

As a Strengthscope® Master Practitioner I work with leaders who are Changemakers to make a difference in the world.  I use an intuitive, creative and strengths-focused approach to Executive and Leadership Coaching to help my clients to feel confident, capable and supported being the leaders they truly want to be – because being a Changemaker requires courage and presence to inspire people to think about new possibilities, and to do things they haven’t done before.

As founder of of The Conscious Cake Company, I wanted to bring together my love of bringing joy to others with food (it’s in my Slavic genes) with health, nutrition, happiness, love and an understanding that “You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It”™ and fundamental principle that we can do business in ways that love people and the planet.

And I am woo (well a little bit). I work with angels. They show up in everything I do. As does my love of people, the planet, health, science, psychology, music, festivals, life.

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You can see me in action on YouTube. Here’s a talk from July 2015 at Inspire’d In London…..


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