4bThe Changemakers’ Coach™

My name is Danica (pronounced Danit-sa). I work with leaders who are Changemakers to make a difference in the world.  I use an intuitive, creative and strengths-focused approach to Executive and Leadership Coaching to help my clients to feel confident, capable and supported being the leaders they truly want to be – because being a Changemaker requires courage and presence to inspire people to think about new possibilities, and to do things that haven’t been done before.
Being a Changemaker can be a challenge. Sometimes it can feel like a lonely path, like no-one else “gets it”. We can fear what will happen if we share our remarkable ideas, powerful vision; speak up or speak out. We may be surrounded by naysayers because we see the world differently – we see a world of possibilities, bigger and brighter and know we can help make it happen. We may be multipotentialites – have a diverse range of interests, and can be successful across different professions, and indeed see innovative solutions at the point at which those different fields meet.
We live in a world of endless possibility, where we can be free to:
  • Be creative and forward-thinking with our ideas
  • Inspire those we lead locally and globally to bring about positive change within business, politics, and to the planet
  • Use strengths to be agile, resilient and solutions-focused Changemakers
  • Deliver outstanding results free from our own or others’  limited thinking
  • Drive our vision forward
  • Build strong collaborative partnerships to bring about change
How do I coach? 
I bring together my background as a psychologist, a Strengthscope® Master Practitioner and a Lumina Spark Practitioner, and a series of techniques including creative and solutions-focused coaching, with my experience of working with businesses across sectors and levels.
The reason I am passionate about working with “Changemakers” is that I believe we are living in some of the most exciting times our planet has ever seen. I particularly love working with individuals, teams and businesses who would like to bring a newer set of values to their business based on the 3P model: Profit, People, Planet, along with those of compassionate leadership, authenticity, self-awareness, creativity, intuitive thinking and love at work.
My greatest strength is in developing others – over 20 years’ experience as a trainer, as well as being a teacher and coach – have enabled me to realise how much I love witnessing people have “eureka moments” – realising what they are truly capable of achieving for themselves, their teams, their businesses – and our planet.  And then watching them achieving great success with those realisations.
Helping clients become aware of, understand and overcome their limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviours, is a key aspect of my work with individuals and teams – leading to better working relationships, greater resilience, more agility, stronger collaboration, greater creativity and ultimately more successful outcomes.  Some clients have even chosen to have me facilitate walking on broken glass bottles – as the ultimate proof that we can literally do anything!
As well as being an executive and leadership coach, training specialist and facilitator,  I am also speaker, author, business owner, baker, healer, and lover of health, music, festivals and all things Star Wars (well….nearly…..more so the original films, and the ones to come….!)


On film

You can see me in action on YouTube. Here’s a talk from July 2015 at Inspire’d In London…..


Interested in finding out more?
Get in touch to arrange a chat to explore how I could support you in your work as a leader making a difference.
t: 07739 967841       e: danica@danicaapolline.com


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