Elevating your “Heart’s Work”* to the Next Level


def: “Heart’s Work” (n) career, passion, offering, business that feels exciting, energising, compelling and positive inspires, impacts and influences others


Do you have a passion for your career, as a leader in your field and in the corporation you work within, and would like to propel yourself further and higher as the person of influence that you are?


Are you using your creative talent to lead a life-changing business that you truly love and have put your heart and soul into, but would like to be inspired by new wisdom and fresh perspectives on new ways of taking it forward?


Have you got stuck with an awesome business idea, that you have tried in different ways to present to the world, but it hasn’t quite taken off in the big ways you envisaged – yet?


Do you already have the final vision but need courage, strength, a true and deep connection to your own deep inner power?


Would you like your vision of Your “Heart’s Work”* to be filled with a new breath, new colour, new direction and new life? Would you like it to go on a journey, setting it free to have fresh ideas and new thinking return it to you transformed to an even more world-changing awesome inspiring transformative offering than it already is?


Would you like to work collectively with an amazing and select group of awesome mega-talented women who inspire you, who understand what it is to have a vision, a dream, a passion, are hugely motivated and who are connected – with love for themselves, love for others, love for their “Heart’s Work”*, love for the planet and love for humanity?



Would you like you and your “Heart’s Work”* to be elevated by the collective energies, ideas, thoughts and visions of some truly awesome awe-inspiring women?


Not so much Mastermind……more Genius.


I am inviting a truly unique and select group of 6 remarkable women together for a 6 month Genius journey with your offering to make it BIG into the world. 




Is one of these places for YOU?

Through my years of running training course, teaching, facilitating small groups, even conscious cake making, I know how important it is to mix the right ingredients together. The right ingredients to Elevate are the right women who will blend, and combine all their fabulous individual qualities to make an irresistible delight together.

A combination of group and focused individual work to enable you to Elevate your Heart’s Work, and will include a monthly meeting, fortnightly individual calls, weekly personal exercises, and access to a fully supportive online community whenever you need it.

Our monthly evening meeting every month in a sumptuous Central London location will help you to:

  • Connect powerfully with yourself, your ideas and every other inspiring leader in the room
  • Develop your vision – your Heart’s Work. One of the evenings will place the focus of all our creative inspiration and wisdom on YOU. You will take us through your journey, your joys, your successes, your challenges, and receive evolutionary feedback, input, wisdom and support from us – your fellow Heart’s Work sisters – to release your personal hidden blocks, gain deep insights and discover amazing new ways who haven’t yet thought of to take your gift to the world in a whole new way
  • Receive remarkable open, honest, loving and deep reflections and feedback on where you have come to and where you are going – and how to get there
  • Focus your efforts on ensuring successful outcomes
  • Share your beautiful heart-felt wisdom, creative ideas, insights and encouraging supportive feedback with others
  • Receive group coaching to enable you to understand the next steps for you, and be supported as you connect with the courage to take things to the next level
  • Experience deep, profound, lasting and healing transformations as we lift the barriers that we have allowed to stop us elevating our Heart’s Work before now
  • Realise your own awesomeness and magnificence as a leader in your business and in the world


Being together in a group – or a sisterhood – like this will give you the opportunity to be truly passionate about your Heart’s Work with women that actually support you and elevate you so that You Can Do It!


“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire.” – Napoleon Hill


Each 3 hour session will include a meditation. Some of the worlds most influential business leaders and changemakers have one thing in common – meditation, which is even more powerful when done as part of a group, as the group energy elevates everyone to a new level together.  In addition to this, each 3 hour session will include:


  • An update of where we are with our Heart’s Work
  • A 60 minute focus on one member of the sisterhood sharing her Heart’s Work and receiving insights, new ideas, wisdom, feedback and support for its evolution and expansion
  • Open heart-centred discussion exploring how the main sharer’s experiences mirror our own journeys with our Heart’s Work – and how we apply our discoveries to breathe new life, love and passion into the amazing and unique gifts we have to share
  • A 30 minute group learning experience focusing on a key area that will enable you and your Heart’s Work to thrive
  • Identifying and committing to next steps based on the insights each of us has received
  • A deep and true understanding of the power, awesomeness and magic of you
  • Lots of love, laughter, joy, inspiration, (maybe the odd tear…….after all we are a sisterhood sharing deep and profound wisdom!)
  • A bountiful flow of delicious teas, cakes and probably the best hot chocolate in the world

In addition to this, you will:

  • Be supported by a fortnightly 45 minute call to blast through any fears or challenges that may be coming up as you continue to Elevate
  • Receive a Strengthscope® profile outlining your strengths – what energises you – so that you can maximise how you use what energises you, and develop strategies that work for you for areas that don’t
  • Be inspired with weekly practical exercises that will invite you to clear out deep unresolved unconscious barriers, creating the space for you to connect with your full power and receive all you need to shine your magnificence to the world
  • Have the opportunity to join us in optional fortnightly remote “accountability days” where we support each other to deliver on our personal objectives and accomplish our goals
  • Be part of a private online group – just for this group – where all of us will be able to connect any time of day or night and share, learn, grow, inspire and elevate together
  • Identify your individual strengths – your personal underlying qualities and characteristics and how these energise you in your Heart’s Work
  • Learn to change how you deal with what doesn’t energise you but that may be a necessary part of your business – so that you can focus on keeping your energies, passions and vibrations high
  • Receive total unconditional love and appreciation for who you are, for how you have journeyed, for all of your wisdom and for your Heart’s Work



About Danica

joolz tree pic

My greatest passion and privilege is in empowering others to realise their own awesomeness and magnificence using my 20 years’ experience  in training, teaching, executive coaching, mentoring, healing and writing.

My work with senior executives and entrepreneurs has reminded of how we all need the same core basic things…..love, understanding, support and appreciation in order to thrive. Having the privilege of also teaching in the spiritual arena has given me a true appreciation of the importance of celebrating both our spiritual essence and our human journeys.

In addition to this, my own varied, at times hugely challenging and often remarkable life has given me a huge compassion, understanding and empathy – and a huge sense of humour for what life brings. I have seen how much we can bury and hide and suppress how we really feel and think in order to “fit in”, to be accepted, acceptable and valued. I have also come to understand how much courage, bravery and time it can take to get to the heart of what holds us back and let ourselves be truly free to live our greatest self in every part of our life.

I believe in the greatest vision that people could have of themselves – and empower them to embrace and live it.  I believe in people.

I am passionate about sharing the wisdom from of my experiences – as an entrepreneur, businesswoman, training specialist, coach, mentor, healer, author in a way that is tailored just for you. I bring together a unique combination of all of my knowledge, skills, and interests including conscious business, positive psychology, strengths, global politics, economics, sociology, consciousness, science, health, a range of healing modalities including ThetaHealing®, Angelic Reiki, Aura-Soma™ (colour healing system), EFT, Emotrance, The Journey, Transformation work, meditation, quantum physics, herbal medicine, homeopathy, organics, food, and nutrition.


I would like to walk along that path with you as you let your Heart’s Work take you to a whole new level in your life. I would like to take you on a true journey of discovery to what it is to be a leader in this world, freely living your magnificence and making a real difference because of it.


I am inviting you to join me on a completely unique, intimate, life-changing journey of transformation that takes you onto a whole new level in your life.

It is for high-level female leaders who are passionate visionaries with massive levels of energy, wisdom, courage, fire and hearts full of love.

Do you feel called to elevate yourself and your Heart’s Work to a whole new level? 

Are you ready to embrace the awesomeness of all of who you are and shine that out to the world. 


Your investment

Your investment in this Mastermind is £4500.


Your Next Step

Are you feeling called to take your Heart’s Work to the next level with me on this Program?

If this is calling to you and you want to connect to see if it’s a match, let’s meet. I would love to hear all about you and your work, your passion, your vision, and to explore and assess what you feel you could bring to this sisterhood. This is a selective process. Email me at danica@danicaapolline.com and we can arrange a discovery session.

Do you feel called to work with me, but would prefer 1-2-1 work? If so, have a look at Executive Coaching or Own Your Magnificence Leadership Program.

I really look forward to sharing this adventure – this journey of discovery – with you.


Danica x