Own Your Magnificence – VIP Women’s Leadership Program

sparkly-heartA unique, dynamic, awesome, exclusive Leadership Program for VERY special, totally committed, inspirational leaders  who are ready to transform their experience of love, passion, joy, beauty and what it is to be in deep connected relationship with yourself and with others, to your vision, business and work in the world.

Who’s it for?

Heart-centred Abundance-Loving, Passionate, Brilliant Leaders and Changemakers who want to clear through residual blocks in order to take your vision of love out into the world even more powerfully and magnificently.

Are you a business leader, an entrepreneur, a luminary – a woman of power – who would like to open your heart to even greater love?

Would you like to know and feel in every part of your being that you are beautiful, wonderful and MAGNIFICENT – inside and out?

Would you like to experience a whole new level of love and connection in your relationships with clients, colleagues, friends, family, and lovers?

Would you like to inspire people around the world in a much deeper, more profound, even more powerful way?

We are in a time of profound change in our lives, and in the journey of our beautiful planet.

We are being called to step up into being the very grandest vision – and version – of ourselves. I don’t believe there is any more room for hiding our light or our wisdom. There is no more room for any self-doubt in any part of our lives for we are being called to our magnificence.

We are here to facilitate the transition of our world to a beautiful place of peace, beauty, celebration, joy and happiness for everyone – and we can only do so by feeling this in every aspect of our lives.

You are a truly magnificent being, soul, person and woman on this Earth. You may feel this most of the time, but you may still have those moments of self-doubt, worry or fear that you are not enough. Moments where – however powerful you are, you give your power away. These insecurities can show up in relationships with family, friends or partners, and stop us from truly letting those who adore us in to see all of who we are – or stop us from saying no to those who don’t.

You can choose to change this. You can choose to see, experience and love every part of you, your life and who you are in a new way, free of the fears and insecurities of old.

It is time for all of us who are ready to be the change and bring more love to the world to step up into believing that we are the change, that we are powerful, that is is up to us. The exciting changes occurring in the world, where more and more people are becoming conscious calls on us to truly and authentically show others the way to love by being love first. We can only do this if we are willing to see all of ourselves and feel love, loving and loveable – truly deeply able to embrace our own magnificence. Only then can we inspire others to do the same.

So I would like to take this opportunity to invite you – a very special leader in this world who is ready to say yes to shining a light through the remaining voices of doubt and owning your amazingness, your magnificence, loving your body, mind and soul in every way.


joolz tree picWhy?

My passion for developing others is drawn from over 20 years’ of empowering others’ learning and evolution through training, teaching, coaching, mentoring, writing and healing. As a mentor, strengths coach, businesswoman, entrepreneur and healer, I have come to understand the very real benefits that my skills, work and life experiences can bring to others.

My life-long passion for people has come from supporting people from across all walks of life and in every working sector. My early work with homeless people and people with severe mental illness, gifted me with a deep appreciation of the preciousness of life. More recent work with the most senior executives and entrepreneurs has reminded of how we all need the same core basic things…..love, understanding, support, appreciation. Having the privilege of teaching in the spiritual arena has given me a true appreciation of the importance of celebrating both our spiritual essence and our human journeys.

In addition to this, my own varied, at times hugely challenging and often remarkable life has given me a huge compassion, understanding and empathy for what it is to be a spiritual being living a human existence – and the sense of humour that keeps us sparkling as we walk through it.

I have also come to understand how much courage, bravery and time it can take to get to the heart of what holds us back and let ourselves be truly free to shine our greatest self in every part of our life.

I am passionate about sharing the wisdom from of my experiences – as an entrepreneur, businesswoman, training specialist, coach, mentor, healer, author in a way that is tailored just for you. I bring together a unique combination of all of my knowledge, skills, and interests including conscious business, positive psychology, strengths, global politics, economics, sociology, consciousness, science, health, a range of healing modalities includjng ThetaHealing®, Angelic Reiki, Aura-Soma™ (colour healing system), EFT, Emotrance, The Journey, Transformation work, meditation, quantum physics, herbal medicine, homeopathy, organics, food, and nutrition.


I would like to walk along that path with you as you find your freedom. Freedom from the past, freedom from others’ and society’s expectations, freedom from deeply held anger and rage, freedom from deep sorrows and pain in your heart about what it is to be a leader, a woman, a mother (if you are one), someone who cares in this world. I would like to take you on a true journey of discovery to what it is to be a leader, a woman, a light in this world, freely living your magnificence and making a real difference because of it.


I am inviting you to join me on a completely unique, intimate, life-changing journey of transformation that takes you onto a whole new level in your life.

It is for high-level female leaders, lights and luminaries who are passionate visionaries with massive levels of energy, wisdom, courage, fire and hearts full of love.

So that you can receive full attention, I only work on a one to one level with ONE high powered woman at any one time.

love-is-freedomIt is time to be free to shine your magnificence. You can do it. All you have to do is say yes. 


Here’s what is included in this Exclusive Leadership Program:

  • One FULL VIP weekend in an EcoSpa in the UK

Day 1: A personal face-to-face journey with my full, committed and dedicated personal one on one attention to take you to the next level. In addition to a deeply transformative 4-hour session, you will have time to relax, unwind and enjoy a treatment of your choice.

Day 2: A “Love Your Body” day with Danica & powerful healer and artist Lisa O’Connor.  Lisa is a truly powerful loving healer and artist, and together we will help you to have deep transformative experiences of learning to love your body as well as your soul!

Lisa will also make you two portraits for you to keep as a reflection of your magnificence – with a personalized message of wisdom and guidance just for you.

There will also be time for luxuriating in what the spa has to offer. There will be a choice of two treatments for the duration of your stay.

Two nights’ accommodation at the EcoSpa is included in the Program.

  • Six MONTHLY 90 minute One on One Sessions with me 

Monthly personal Skype sessions to connect, explore, go deep and transform. You will be given empowering exercises and practices to follow in between these to create the greatest and deepest levels of transformation for you.

  • Fortnightly 30 minute catch up calls with me 

Fortnightly calls to touch base and connect with how you are doing with your journey of transformation and the empowering exercises and practices. These are a touch point between the monthly Skype sessions.

  • Unlimited email support 

You will have my unlimited email support throughout and you will get all your questions answered during the time in between the calls to keep you focused and moving towards your goals.


What we will explore together on the Program

  • What leadership and being a luminary means to you, the leader you are, and the leader you would like to be
  • Your strengths as a leader – what energises you and what doesn’t – and how these show up in your life
  • Releasing deeply held inner fears about how you feel and think about yourself in a safe and fully supported way – fears you may not even realise that you still have
  • Easily moving through blocks that have kept you from truly owning your power and brilliance as a leader, light and luminary
  • Releasing deeply held anxieties and shame about whether you “can do it!”
  • Gain new understanding and awareness of where, how and with whom love shows up in your life, and its purpose in your life as a leader
  • How to awaken to the immense power you have as a creator of your own destiny when you embody that You Matter
  • How to recognise co-dependent patterns in your life – and how to be joyfully free of them
  • How to express yourself fully and authentically in all of your relationships, free from protections you have placed to keep you safe from hurt and suffering – by showing you how you are safe at all times
  • How to fully appreciate and adore yourself in every way
  • Truly loving your body – and seeing the beauty and magnificence in every wonderful part of it
  • New ways of making life choices that reflect your freedom
  • Empowering practices and how to use them every day to bring you even more peace, power, success and love

Your Next Step

Are you feeling called to discover your true magnificence with me on this Program?

If this is calling to you and you want to connect to see if it’s a match, let’s Skype. I would love to meet you, to hear all about you and your work, your passion, your vision, and how we can ensure that you are ready for the greatest transformations from your time with me.

Remember there is only ONE space for this completely unique Program at any one time. So email me at danica@danicaapolline.com so we can arrange a discovery session.

I really look forward to sharing this adventure – this journey of discovery – with you.


Danica x