The missing piece on mindset for women leaders seeking to break through the glass ceiling?

I am interested in limiting beliefs. The power of a positive mindset, strengths and the power of belief, attitude and willpower fascinate me. How can one person from a disadvantaged background overcome all odds and become one of the most powerful people in the world, like Oprah? When another from an advantaged background can struggle […]

Why I don’t recognise Hogan’s view on strengths based coaching, as published in the HBR

I was really intrigued to read the article, published in the Harvard Business Review, describing “how strengths based coaching can weaken you”. Written by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, CEO of Hogan, it was carefully presented, and used some well-researched statistics. But, based on my own experience as a strengths coach, it didn’t seem to describe the whole picture. […]

What Multipotentialites Need from Coaching – and Are Coaches Ready to Deliver?

“A what?!” I hear you ask already. As we begin a whole New Year (and a very happy one to you, while we’re on the subject), I have been pondering this question at length. Firstly though, you might be in the majority of people who will want to know what one is! Multipotentialites are individuals […]