Spiritual Teacher’s Accreditation Program

Is it time for you to share your knowledge, experience and wisdom as a heart-centred conscious teacher, facilitator, leader or changemaker to inspire more and more people?

Or are you an experienced spiritual teacher, facilitator, leader or changemaker who would like to deepen your own experience of what it means to facilitate our own and others’ growth and evolution?


Would you like to build your confidence to share deep and profound truths in a safe and supported way?


It can be challenging living with a powerful inner wisdom and finding the courage to share it with others, wondering how to present and share it in ways that are meaningful for them, and for you.


Even with many years’ experience of running courses, including to large numbers, many teachers, leaders & facilitators get caught in the trap of sharing what they think their clients or students would like to hear, afraid to truly share much deeper wisdoms, truths and experiences.


Here’s the thing. Stepping up into the role of spiritual teacher is a beautifully transformative spiritual journey itself. On top of coming to peace with fears we can have of speaking in public, being seen and heard for our own wisdom and experience, knowing what to say and how to say it, knowing how to deal with difficult questions and people who can be difficult, knowing how to take what already do brilliantly in a new direction, we often juggle other jobs with a stable income (or have given one up) and so it can seem like a struggle.


I am here to help you change that. I want to show you how you can confidently share your awesome wisdom while you:


  • receive and channel intense spiritual energies
  • face your own resistance about stepping into your purpose
  • feel comfortable with identifying your true message if teaching is new for you, or deepening the message you already have to share in an existing teacher or leader
  • are part of the movement that is bringing in a new paradigm of kindness, peace and love to our planet


And that’s why I’ve developed this program to specifically help train the new generation of spiritual teachers & leaders to:


  • Get crystal clear clarity on your inspiring message and what you are here to teach in the world (next?)
  • Hold a heart-filled sacred space
  • Facilitate profound and meaningful transformations for your students while you help them journey to their truth
  • Channel the unconditional love of Source whilst holding a powerful group energy
  • Learn how to manage going through your own deep transformations (which of course intensify when you step into the role of teacher!) in a balanced way that respects boundaries and ensures the best outcomes for everyone
  • Build your resilience, confidence and self-awareness so you can much more easily respond to any challenges that can arise
  • Overcome anxieties and fears about speaking up and sharing what you know
  • Be present and powerful at all times as a teacher.



Who am I?

Hi I’m Danica and I am a spiritual teacher, psychologist, coach, trainer, entrepreneur and author with a passion for training aspiring conscious and holistic practitioners to get their message out in a much larger way as spiritual teachers.

I feel that we are at an important time of change and transformation, and that it is time for more and more of us to step into sharing what we know, and supporting others to transform. This means moving through the specific emotional and spiritual barriers that come with being a conscious leader and teacher, and I wanted to enable others to do that so they could be free to share their wisdom.

I bring together my over 20 years’ experience as a trainer, and trainer of trainers, with my love of spirituality, which is how the Spiritual Teachers’ Accreditation Program began in 2009. What I loved the most about training trainers was enabling others to share their knowledge in interesting and insightful ways. I had met so many awesome people with amazing journeys and huge wisdom who struggled to find the confidence with groups of people, so I wanted to use my love of training to help them find their voice, strength and courage along with developing their knowledge, skills and a toolkit as well.

I draw upon my journey of learning and teaching about angels, the stars, meditation, spirit, connecting with Source/God/Goddess, healing, colour, sound, energy, intuition, strengths and mindset – with love, compassion, a cheeky spirited sense of humour and the odd reference to Star Wars and Harry Potter.



The Program 


In addition to 14 content rich weekly 2 hour webinars, which you will be able to download and keep, including a Q&A session, you will receive lots of free bonus materials including handouts, reading materials, videos, templates, checklists, and meditations. You will prepare and deliver awesome sessions and gain valuable experience. You will also be welcomed to a powerful and supportive online community and an optional Facebook group where you can share ideas with other awesome and inspiring teachers!

You will also get a copy of The Spiritual Teachers’ Handbook as an e-book.

In addition to doing this journey yourself, you can meet up in person to listen to the tutorials and do the exercises together with others – grow, learn, transform and evolve together.


Together we will cover:


Week 1 – Stepping into being an awesome heart-centred teacher

  • What is a spiritual teacher?
  • What does an awesome heart-centred spiritual teacher look like?
  • What does an awesome heart-centred spiritual teacher do?
  • You now and you as the greatest vision of the teacher you are evolving into.
  • Your unique message – how to uncover the wisdom within you.

Bonus materials:

  • Handout: Being an awesome heart-centred spiritual teacher
  • Meditation: Connecting with your message
  • Meditation: Your powerful message from a transformative experience
  • Meditation: Your powerful message from a moment of joy
  • Reading material: The Universal Story


Week 2 – The psychology of learning

  • The journey of learning through a conscious awakening
  • The psychology of learning
  • NLP & Accelerated learning, the senses and how our brain helps us learn – and remember what we learn
  • Learning styles and learning preferences

Bonus materials:

  • Handout: The psychology of Learning
  • Questionnaire: What is your Learning Preference?
  • Questionnaire: What is you Learning Style?


Week 3 – How learning transforms the energy field

  • The energy field & why it matters in learning
  • How learning transforms the energy field – what happens to the energy field when we learn, and how to tap into that as a teacher
  • The study of chakras – and the missing 8th chakra that helps us to truly connect
  • Making a splash with colour
  • Raising vibrations with sound

Bonus materials:

  • Handout: How learning transforms the energy field
  • Questionnaire: Your preferred intuitive senses
  • Resource: Colour Balancing Chart
  • Reading material: The 8th Chakra, Universal numbers & Connection


A clip from Week 3’s session:


Week 4 – Designing how to spread the word

  • Looking at structure – how to connect with the core message
  • Breaking the sum total into its parts
  • Great tips on how to get clear with the message and what your students to really know
  • Making it exciting – adding a touch a variety
  • Preparation v being in the flow – how to balance it just right
  • Using games & exercises

Bonus materials:

  • Handout: Designing how to spread the word
  • Resource: Designing an Awesome Event Template
  • Resource: Using games & exercises



Week 5 – Presenting with a POW! – How to wow your audience

  • Using that voice!
  • Shaking that booty – how to use your body to help others learn
  • NLP tips
  • Language & the power of your words
  • Connection through communication
  • Making videos, audio recordings, teleseminars and all that digital magic

Bonus materials:

  • Handout: Presenting with a POW! How to wow your audience
  • Reading materials: NLP & projecting your energy
  • Meditation: Connecting with the powerful presenter within
  • Video: Presenting, Presence & using tools


A clip from Week 5’s session:


Week 6 –  Being a Leader & Changemaker

  • Teaching is a leadership role!
  • Types of leadership
  • What heart-centred authentic leadership looks and feels like
  • Leadership & courage
  • What is a Changemaker?
  • Why authenticity matters
  • Why being ourselves can be hard – and how to make it easy
  • Leadership, energy & holding space
  • Love – the power of loving yourself and the difference you make when you do

Bonus materials

  • Handout: Heart-centred authentic leadership
  • Reading materials: How to journey to self-love


A clip from Week 6’s session


Week 7 –  Your Strengths as a Spiritual Teacher

  • What are Strengths?
  • What are your individual strengths?
  • How can knowing about them help you as a Spiritual Teacher?
  • Strengths, skills, energy & being in the flow
  • Strengths & The Path of Possibility™
  • Strengths, leadership & overdrive
  • Strengths & The Hero’s Journey

Bonus materials

  • Handout: 24 Strengths
  • Handout: Strengths in Overdrive
  • Questionnaire: Identify Your Strengths


A clip from Week 7’s session:


Week 8 –  Humility, empowerment & ethics

  • What is humility?
  • The role & purpose of your ego
  • True power, false power and how they relate to humility
  • Shouting from the rooftops whilst being humbly in service
  • Ethics – integrity, boundaries & professionalism

Bonus materials

  • Handout: Humility, empowerment & ethics


A clip from Week 8’s session:

Week 9 – Holding an energetic space & running retreats

  • What holding is an energetic space?
  • Group dynamics and energy work
  • How to powerfully hold a magical sacred space
  • Facilitating beautiful meditations that your students love
  • Protection & energy cleansing
  • Working with energy, intent, guides, angels and your Divine power to keep a high vibration
  • Clearing space

Bonus materials

  • Handout: Holding an energetic space
  • Meditation: Clearing space and yourself using pure unconditional love
  • Retreats – what you need to know to run an intensive residential


A clip from Week 9’s session:

Week 10 – The Challenges of being a Spiritual Teacher

  • Arranging the practicalities – what can go wrong and how to make sure it doesn’t
  • Students who make you gulp & want to run out of the door – and how to accept & love everyone
  • Attracting students who are ready
  • Looking after you
  • Believing in you
  • Serving love & humanity – whilst feeling comfortable with money

Bonus materials

  • Handout: The Challenges of being a Spiritual Teacher


Week 11 – Freedom from anxiety

  • Why does presenting scare us?
  • What can be scary and how to deal with it
  • Powerful group healing journey to release fears and anxieties
  • Connecting with your confidence
  • Tapping into your courage

Bonus materials:

  • Handout: Freedom from anxiety
  • Video: Freedom from anxiety
  • Meditation: Releasing anxiety & connecting with confidence


Week 12 – Marketing for Spiritual Teachers: Getting yourself out there

  • Putting yourself out there – why marketing matters
  • Tips on marketing yourself authentically & ethically
  • Accessible branding – what it is and why it matters
  • In person v online – the practicalities of the different means by which to shout it LOUD!
  • Social media – what to do, what not to do and what to use when and how
  • Building an online presence
  • Your website: simple tips to help you make it work for you
  • Teaching in many forms: it’s not all workshops and webinars you know!
  • Tips on how to write books and blog posts

Bonus materials

  • Resource: Marketing Questionnaire
  • Resource: Marketing Tips for Spiritual Teachers
  • Handout: Social Media & Website Tips
  • Meditation: connecting with your brand


Week 13 – Clearing Money & Visibility blocks

  • Spiritual teaching and our relationship with money
  • Why we struggle to let ourselves be visible as Spiritual Teachers
  • Clearing blocks to earning a healthy income as a Spiritual Teacher
  • Clearing blocks to being seen and visible as a Spiritual Teacher

Bonus materials

  • Meditation: comfort with receiving money and being seen
  • Energy clearing: clearing limitations with receiving money
  • Energy clearing: clearing limitations to being visible as a Spiritual Teacher


Week 14 – Your Evolving Journey & Final Q&As

  • Reflecting on your journey – how you have stepped up into the awesome teacher you now are!
  • Your next steps – getting your message out there
  • The importance of self-development – on being a student of Life
  • Your final Q&As – and a big sharing of how far we have come
  • A digital collective group hug!

Bonus materials

  • Handout: Your Evolving Journey
  • Meditation: You Are an Awesome Heart-Centred Conscious Spiritual Teacher


Plus! Extra Bonus Templates

  • Booking form template
  • Event Preparation Checklist
  • 2 Evaluation Form templates
  • Self-evaluation Form template


What’s involved to become a Spiritual Teacher accredited by the Spiritual Teacher’s Accreditation Program & Complementary Healing Association?

This is a Certificated course, and you will receive a Certificate of Completion once you have completed the 14 week Program. If you would like to become a Spiritual Teacher accredited by the Complementary Healing Association, then you will have to:

  • 2 hour a week webinar including Q&As. It is necessary to be able to attend at least 10 out of 14 of these live for Accreditation.
  • Weekly exercises – that usually take between 15 minutes and 1 hour.
  • Recordings of the webinars to keep and download
  • The design, preparation & delivery of two x 2-hour live sessions to small groups
  • The design, preparation & delivery of a workshop or course (minimum 4 hours) live after the 14-week program is complete
  • One 3000 word written assignment in addition to the session evaluation submissions




The next 14 week Spiritual Teacher’s Accreditation Program will begin on Thursday 11 January 2018.

Each class will be held on a Thursday from 8-10pm (GMT) every week for 14 weeks, finishing on Thursday 12 April 2018.




Rave Reviews

“Having met Danica some years ago, I have always been really drawn to her energy and her sunny personality. I have been to many of her classes, workshops and courses and have always found her to be an exceptional teacher with the ability of making learning fun and informative at the same time. Her genuine love and respect for all in her presence truly shows through and this is what makes being around her so much fun. She is a highly creative individual and brings insight and thought provoking discussions into every course she facilitates and along with her great wisdom in her teachings, her seminars and workshops always prove to be thoroughly informative and entertaining at the same time.

Danica is one of the few people who has that magic combination: professionalism, humility, resilience, strong work-ethic and a love of teaching which simply oozes out at every course that I have personally been on with her. Along with her genuinely caring attitude towards her peers and students alike, it’s no surprise that she is as good at all she does as she is!”

– Catrima Gabrielle,  Animal Communicator & Remote Viewing Therapist www.catrima.com


“This is an exceptional course that really changed my life if you have an interest I highly recommend it!”

– Sophie Joseph, Founder of Essential Blends Skincare


“This is such an amazing course.  It gave me a lot more confidence with my leadership skills, to run my own workshops and speak in front of other people, got me out of my comfort zone, really pushed me, and really helped me to grow as a person. It gave me a lot of inspiration – inspired me to create really interesting exciting content for my workshops. It was really in-depth, gave me a lot of value, was invaluable content that I had never seen before – and which have I referred to many times since the course and it has helped me run my own courses. Without this content I wouldn’t have had the same success on my courses. Well thought through, fun, inspiring, and creative.

I love Danica’s teaching style – very down to earth, she has a great sense of humor, is really insightful, intuitive, fun and interesting. She knows how to lift the energy of a group and has great intuition which she uses to give fantastic guidance and insights.  As well as her great people skills, Danica’s gift is in taking something complex and making it really accessible. A completely unique and great experience!”

– Sarah Leboff, Raw Food Coach


“I had a really wonderful time doing this course. A truly enriching experience and I feel very fortunate to have been able to be on it. It was clear that it was extremely well constructed, it flowed brilliantly and was delivered seamlessly. Danica is very conscientious and made us all feel relaxed. I’ve come away from the Accredited Spiritual Teacher’s Program much more confident and have implemented the skills I’ve learned not just as a spiritual teacher but as a manager in a corporate business. It’s truly empowering stuff.”

– Cavan Boyle, Spiritual Teacher


“Danica was born to teach and with the skills and confidence you learn on this course, you will feel equipped to run workshops and seminars even if you have never taught before. The resources provided, along with Danica’s attention to detail is outstanding and any question or query you may have will always be thoroughly addressed by Danica. Throughout every stage of your learning she will guide and empower you, resulting in you being a very capable, conscientious and heart-centred teacher.  I cannot recommend this course highly enough.”

– Joolz Perry, Photographer



What’s the investment?


BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: FOR 3 DAYS ONLY (until midnight on Sunday 26 November 2017, the WHOLE 14 week Program starting in January 2018 is available to EVERYONE for ONLY £179*!!!)  The first 3 to book will also get a FREE 1 hour 1-2-1 coaching/mentoring session with Danica

* additional and optional £75 admin fee for those wishing to apply for Accreditation still applies. 


This course is designed to support your growth as a powerful teacher, leader and changemaker on the Earth, no matter how much or how little experience you have in facilitating workshops and learning opportunities.


I would like to welcome every teacher, leader & changemaker who knows this course can help them evolve and be an even more powerful voice and presence on the Earth – irrespective of whether your immediate level of influence is small groups or large auditoriums! This Program is designed to take you from where you are right now and facilitate your growth and expansion from that place.  So I offer 4 price points, based on your level of income – everyone receives the same access to all of the Program, irrespective of payment choice. My only request is that you are in your integrity in which payment option you choose – so please choose honestly!

Choose your investment amount according to your income (either a) your PAYE income or b) your annual takings if self-employed))


Option 1: £195 (for those on benefits and incomes below £17,000 pa*)

Option 2:  £395 (for those whose incomes are £17,000 – £30,000 pa)

Option 3: £595 (for those whose incomes are £30,001 – £60,000 pa)

Option 4: £895 (for those whose incomes are £60,001 – £120,000 pa)

Option 5: £1495 (for those whose incomes are over £120,001 – £250,000 pa)

Option 6: £2995 (for those whose incomes are over £250,000 pa)


*Students are not automatically included here, as there can be a wide variation in the financial circumstances of each student, some from low income backgrounds, and some from wealthy backgrounds, so please choose your option based on your individual situation.


Please note: There is an additional £75 admin fee to be paid for Accreditation if you choose to become Accredited.


And if you are one of the 1st 3 people to book on the Program, you will also have the opportunity to have a 1-2-1 coaching session via Skype with Danica (worth £325)!



How to Book


You can book your place using the PayPal button (below). If you have any questions of would like to discuss this further, please do contact Danica on 07739 967841 between 10 and 3 Mon-Fri or email me at danica.apolline@gmail.com