The missing piece on mindset for women leaders seeking to break through the glass ceiling?

I am interested in limiting beliefs. The power of a positive mindset, strengths and the power of belief, attitude and willpower fascinate me. How can one person from a disadvantaged background overcome all odds and become one of the most powerful people in the world, like Oprah? When another from an advantaged background can struggle […]

Why I don’t recognise Hogan’s view on strengths based coaching, as published in the HBR

I was really intrigued to read the article, published in the Harvard Business Review, describing “how strengths based coaching can weaken you”. Written by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, CEO of Hogan, it was carefully presented, and used some well-researched statistics. But, based on my own experience as a strengths coach, it didn’t seem to describe the whole picture. […]

What Multipotentialites Need from Coaching – and Are Coaches Ready to Deliver?

“A what?!” I hear you ask already. As we begin a whole New Year (and a very happy one to you, while we’re on the subject), I have been pondering this question at length. Firstly though, you might be in the majority of people who will want to know what one is! Multipotentialites are individuals […]

*Gulp*……a coming out to all the business folk in the house

To some of you reading this, this won’t be a surprise at all, but to some of you, this may well be news. I have been completing my qualification in Executive Coaching,  and something has been coming up…..rumbling away. And as much as I have tried to ignore it, it seems like it won’t go […]

The 3 most powerful words in manifesting (that will surprise you…….!)

I have just discovered something REALLY amazing about manifestation. There is a magic phrase, which if you use it will really help you to achieve your dreams.   Before I tell you what it is (because it might surprise you), let me share with you what it isn’t. It isn’t:       “I can […]

Mandela’s invitation to the coming evolution (LOVEution)

In the last week, we have all received a powerful invitation. You may have noticed it flutter its call to you, or maybe just gazed at the beautiful request thinking about how pretty it looked, but resisted opening the envelope.   We have all been invited to reflect upon what it takes to be a […]