Corporate Training

Exploring this next great frontier where the boundaries between work and higher purpose are merging into one, where doing good really is good for business.

– Richard Branson

Presence • inspiration • innovation authenticity • consciousness strengths  happiness at work

Consciousness in business is the next great frontier to successful business. I work together with leaders within business from managers to CEOs, focusing on integrating a newer set of business values:  authenticity, presence, creativity, self-awareness, consciousness, spirit & community.

I believe in empowering & inspiring leaders in ways that don’t just change and significantly improve the success of the business – I believe in life-changing opportunities that improve the success throughout every leader’s life.
cib picI draw on 20 years’ experience, in training and L&D in businesses – across sectors – and in professionally teaching any aspects of consciousness. The services and courses available are progressive, for dynamic people-focused individuals & organisations who want to transform the success of a business through its greatest asset – it’s people.
  • Leadership development through one-to-one & group training development programmes.
  • Designing & delivering a range of training courses and workshops to empower leaders & managers as creative & innovative problem solvers, decision makers, trainers, presenters, relationship builders & authentic leaders.
  • Training programmes include Inspiring Training, Inspiring Presenting, Authentic & Awesome Leadership, Peaceful Communication, Self-Awareness, Consciousness at Work, Intuitive Decision-Making and Forgiveness Programmes amongst others.
  • Powerful empowerment talks – including walking on broken glass bottles and facilitating others to do so as part of team development


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