Healing Courses

healing-handsOne of my greatest loves is facilitating the development of others – it is a real priviledge to be present in those moments of “eureka” or transformation, or letting go.

I bring together my many years as a training & development specialist with my journey in consciousness, a range of life experiences, and a cheeky sense of humour – and I am passionate about providing safe, warm, loving spaces for expansion, evolution, and learning to live with greater love & peace with and for ourselves, others and our planet.

Be warned though – I am not your “typical spiritual guru”. It matters to me that you connect with YOUR Truth, not mine. I am an ordinary person living an extraordinary life, but I am just like you. I have happy times, sad times, silly times, serious times. I swear, I rant at the Universe, I ask “why?!” at times. I love living in trainers and raving and don’t own a velvet cloak even though I talk to angels. My journey has been and is coming to being at peace within Life and within me, and sharing what I have learned with you.

In these pages you will find out more about the wonderful opportunities to connect with how awesome you are and experience greater peace & love for yourself and transform your whole experience of living.