Reiki with the Angels for Children

Reiki with the Angels Attunements

Reiki with the Angels is a beautiful way of introducing children to Reiki healing – with the angels! Children love learning healing, and feeling able to use healing energy on themselves, their plants, pets and their friends in this loving way.

Teaching children is a wonderful experience of creating a space for them to explore their spiritual selves, and to play with the energy that they become aware of through drawing, storytelling, meditation, angel card games, and of course healing!

These attunements are for children between the ages of 6 and 12 and are equivalent to an Angelic Reiki Level 1 attunement. Each child is invited to attend with a parent, so that conversations, learning, connections with the angels and experiences can be shared together after the course and attunements. The attunements will be for the children only.


The courses last for 5 hours each, including breaks and lunch.


Reiki with the Angels for Children includes:

  • An explanation of what Reiki is and how it can be used
  • An explanation of what Angels are, and how inviting Angels into Reiki brings more magic
  • Storytelling about Guardian Angels and 6 main Archangels
  • Fun meditations to connect with Angels
  • Drawing a picture of our Guardian Angel
  • Playing with children’s angel cards
  • Guess the Angel game
  • Learning about the 8 Chakras (energy centres)
  • An attunement to Angelic Reiki energy (which the grown-ups receive also!)
  • Learning about hand positions for self-healing, and healing family, friends, plants and pets
  • How to listen to what healing is needed
  • The importance of asking permission before giving healing


Please can children bring along a teddy, a blanket, a cushion and a healthy lunch. Parents can bring a cushion and healthy lunch too.

The cost of the training is £60 and includes a Certificate, Manual, a crystal angel, and healthy organic free from and sugar free snacks.


One place on each course is made available for a child who could only attend with the help of a gifted place.


A maximum of 8 children can be taught per course.


It is helpful for each child to be fully supported and encouraged by their parents in learning and using Angel Reiki, and so it is asked that one parent or guardian attends the day with the child too, as it will create lasting memories of a day and experiences that can be shared together. Grown-ups will receive the attunement and have the opportunity to experience and receive the course too (so one booking is for 2 people really!). There will be a consent form for parents to sign on arrival.

Also children benefit from having one or more parent attuned to Reiki.  For parents who would like to learn Angelic Reiki, more information can be found here.


About Danica 

Hi I’m Danica and I am a spiritual teacher, healer, psychologist, coach, trainer, entrepreneur, author, poet & baker. And a mum! My child attended a Steiner school, an educational approach that is committed to supporting the development of confident, kind and creative children who learn in an environment that supports their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

It’s an approach that I am really passionate about as a learning specialist, and it is through my experiences as a Steiner mum that I have come to learn how bringing magic, storytelling, colour and wonder into learning make learning a happy and wonderful experience.

I have been teaching Angelic Reiki since 2008, and also wrote The Spiritual Teacher’s Handbook and developed The Spiritual Teacher’s Accreditation Program. I have been delighted to be able to bring together my love of children, angels, healing and teaching together with this beautiful course.




Course Dates & Location

Westcombe Park in SE London

Saturday 20th January 10am – 3pm


How to Book

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this course, please contact Danica on 07739 967841 or email


If you know that you would like your child to attend, you can confirm your child’s place on the course by booking using the button below.