Angelic Reiki – Levels 1&2

Angelic Reiki Attunements

Angelic Reiki is a beautiful new healing system. It differs from traditional Usui reiki in that the healer is simply a bridge to channel the pure Angelic energy – and what this means is that each of the Reiki symbols carries an additional Angelic vibration. It is far more intuitive, without a focus on hand positions, and both practitioners and clients report more sensory experiences. A beautiful, gentle, relaxing healing experience is the result. Angelic Reiki is a complementary therapy and an effective tool for physical, mental and emotional healing and spiritual development. Healing with the Angelic Vibration rebalances and restores our energy matrix. In doing so, it empowers the body to heal itself on all levels.

The Angelic Reiki healing system is taught through two workshops (Level 1/2 – practitioner level and level 3/4 – master/teacher Level). The Angelic Reiki healing system will connect you with the most powerful Angelic energy being anchored here on earth at this time. It is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners.

There is no pre-requisite for you to have any previous experience in any complementary therapy or healing system.


Angelic Reiki Level 1&2 Workshop

This workshop delivers both level 1 & level 2 attunements to train the student to Practitioner Level.

This workshop will impart to the student a complete system of healing used in conjunction with the Angels and Reiki symbols attuned through the Angelic vibration. Healing Angels will then work with you on a permanent basis.

During this workshop the student receives:

  • A complete Karma cutting and Angelic cleansing prior to attunement
  • Full attunement to Angelic Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree level
  • The 7 symbols given will be activated to Angelic level, through the 7 levels of form and divine form, by the Archangel Metatron.
  • An attunement to the Angelic Kingdom of Light at the 11th dimension through the Archangel Metatron
  • Hands on healing experience of being a channel for healing Angel Energy
  • Experience of Absent / Distance healing
  • Experience of Self Healing
  • Healing with Ascended Masters & Galactic Healers
  • Experience of Multidimensional / Past Life healing
  • Advice on healing treatment practicalities
  • The technique used to attune healing tools eg crystals
  • A master crystal to hold the divine Angelic codes of Healing
  • A comprehensive practitioner’s manual
  • Certificate of training achievement to 1st & 2nd degree in Angelic Reiki (this enables the practitioner to gain insurance to practice)
  • As a healer willing to work with Angels in this way, you offer a great and wonderful service to all and yourselves.

This workshop costs £252 and is delivered over one evening and the 2 following days.




“As a healer and Reiki person for 7 years, I was so impressed to learn new things, to feel I’ve developed professionally and to meet lovely like-minded people!”

“Do it. You deserve to feel this loved, supported and worthy. It will change you and your life.”

“If this is a cause that has been calling you, then take a leap and do it. It truly is life changing and Danica is such a loving teacher. You will not regret it.”

“Invaluable for any complementary therapist to use alongside their existing practice and to enhance it. Life changing for both practitioner and client”

“Danica is so inspirational. As a trained teacher myself, I can see how well she structures the whole presentation, is learner-cetnred and all in such a fascinating spiritual context. Very much appreciated, thank you!”

“Please try this course, it opens up all new things you haven’t thought of and tunes you in.”

“For angel inspiration this meets everything on all levels.”

“I have had a massive boost in my intuition and a visceral experience of connecting with angels, which has made my experience of growth much more real.”

“A gentle yet powerful techniques that you can add to your healing practice to enhance your own and your clients experiences. Although the work is subtle, it is profound and you come away with just what you need.”

“Working with the angels and ascended masters along with the amazing attunements has been a very powerful, touching and special experience. Danica is such a lovely lady with an amazingly relaxing and comforting energy. Her wisdom and knowledge is awesome. I feel blessed to have able to be part of the course.”

“Having met Danica some years ago, I have always been really drawn to her energy and her sunny personality. I have been to many of her classes, workshops and courses and have always found her to be an exceptional teacher with the ability of making learning fun and informative at the same time. Her genuine love and respect for all in her presence truly shows through and this is what makes being around her so much fun. She is a highly creative individual and brings insight and thought provoking discussions into every course she facilitates and along with her great wisdom in her teachings, her seminars and workshops always prove to be thoroughly informative and entertaining at the same time.

Danica is one of the few people who has that magic combination: professionalism, humility, resilience, strong work-ethic and a love of teaching which simply oozes out at every course that I have personally been on with her. Along with her genuinely caring attitude towards her peers and students alike, it’s no surprise that she is as good at all she does as she is!”

“I love Danica’s teaching style – very down to earth, she has a great sense of humor, is really insightful, intuitive, fun and interesting. She knows how to lift the energy of a group and has great intuition which she uses to give fantastic guidance and insights.  As well as her great people skills, Danica’s gift is in taking something complex and making it really accessible. A completely unique and great experience!”




Saturday 24 – Sunday 25 February 2018


Saturday: 9.30am – 7.30pm

Sunday: 9.30am – 4pm


Level 3&4 course dates for Spring 2018 tbc.



Westcombe Park, SE London (near Blackheath and Greenwich)


Your investment

The exchange for this workshop is £252.  This includes an electronic manual, printed certificate, teas, coffees and healthy delicious snacks!


There will be a maximum of 8 people on this course, so if you know you would like to do it, please do reserve your place! 


Book Levels 1&2 and 3&4 (Master Teacher) together and save £100. This can be done at the time of booking. 


A note for those on lower incomes ♥

I used to offer places at a low cost for people on a low income, understanding what it is like to grow through poverty and into wealth consciousness. What I have come to appreciate is that every time I have done that, I have also, without meaning to, been subconsciously saying “I believe you are poor and won’t be able to manifest miracles, and what you need in order to attend this course”. If this is the right course for you and your growth at this time, it will happen for you and I believe in your ability to make it happen for yourself. You are powerful. Always remember that.


How to Book

You can reserve your place with a £95 deposit or if you would like to, you can pay in full.  (If booking Levels 1-4 together to receive the discount, the deposit is £180). The deposit is non-refundable. You will be emailed information about how to pay the remaining amount, which can be paid anytime, including in instalments, up to 2 weeks before the start of the course. The full amount is due 2 weeks before course begins.