*Gulp*……a coming out to all the business folk in the house

Connections-IndexTo some of you reading this, this won’t be a surprise at all, but to some of you, this may well be news.

I have been completing my qualification in Executive Coaching,  and something has been coming up…..rumbling away. And as much as I have tried to ignore it, it seems like it won’t go away.

In my work, I see a lot of disconnection – people afraid to feel at work, to be truly themselves, to stand up and speak when they disagree with a decision even when for ethical reasons. “Play the game”, one of my banking friends has always been advised – and advises others to do the same. In the process, I see people switch a part of themselves off . They stop bringing their most creative, talented selves to work and so don’t really progress in their careers as quickly as they could.

Training, facilitating and coaching individuals and teams to transform whatever limiting thoughts, fears or experiences are keeping them disconnected fires me up. Witnessing clients connect with who they are, their strengths and passions, what drives them, and what they are capable of achieving is fires me up more. Being connected requires a willingness to understand and be open about all of who we are.

So the rumbling I have been having has been because I have realised I haven’t been allowing myself to be fully open about what I do and how I do it. I haven’t allowed myself to be connected to all of who I am. Perhaps when I tell you why, you might understand.

Despite being a psychologist with a love of science (I originally started a degree in Pharmacy), often when I am training or coaching or writing, angels show up.

There. I said it.

I see angels.

I don’t just see them. I talk with them too.

I can’t help it. I first saw one as a child, but then in 2006, a massive spiritual awakening led to me seeing them all the time. I took time out from my work in the business world to learn about them – and not just angels, but all sorts of aspects of metaphysics and energy work. I believe in, and connect with “God” – but not in a religious sense. I see an energy that I call unconditional love, and work with some clients who wish to clear limiting beliefs with that energy, when they ask me to.

I took some time out to not just learn about this, but taught (and still do teach) about energy healing, angels, Reiki, ThetaHealing, meditation, intuition, and learned and studied the energetics of colour.

And then was arm-wrestled back into business – a world I didn’t think I could work in again – by a dear friend who saw how I teach Angelic Reiki, and realised I am a great trainer. When I asked him how I should introduce myself, he asked me to tell them the truth. So I did. The training courses, conference talk and the problem-solving sessions I have run in his company have been some of the most remarkable – and life changing – courses I have designed and delivered.

But I have returned to the rest of the business world with my “psychology” hat on, still afraid to be honest about all of what I bring. I have been coaching and training, including for a well-respected business school, focused on the psychology behind learning, change, strengths and engagement.

I just haven’t mentioned that when I coach or train business clients I often see angels show up. The first time it happened during a coaching session, I was at a very traditional bank, delivering sessions to a well respected senior team. To my surprise, as they walked in and sat down, I saw their angels working with them, doing healing, helping them to feel more at peace. All the while, I had my “coach” hat on – supporting my clients to understand their strengths.

I love using creative tools and techniques – especially Gestalt approaches – in my work supporting clients to achieve their goals. Interestingly however, clients often report being surprised that they feel more at peace and more relaxed, in addition to clearer about their next steps. This is why.

ba-690x345I can’t hide it anymore. I have felt like I can’t fully be myself, and it is a tiring thing to hide a part of who we are. Even though it is scary to be so open (“will anyone ever hire me again?!” my gremlins ask), I can’t support others to connect with who they truly are – and in so doing unlock their genius – if I am unwilling to do the same myself.

So here it is. As vulnerable as I feel sharing this, this is who I am.

A business trainer, an executive coach, a leader, an entrepreneur, a writer.

And an angel whisperer.