Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

healthy_mind_healthy_bodyI have spent the best part of 25 years researching health. My early days as a pharmacy assistant, and then student of pharmacy for a couple of years, then psychology student with a fascination for positive psychology, strengths and mindset, reflexology, EFT, and many forms of healing.  I have a fascination with health, and nutrition, and how to free our bodies of the environmental pollution around us using food and natural products.

We live in a world where increasing numbers of people and children are developing cancers and autoimmune conditions, yet I know we can change that, just by increasing our knowledge about how to have healthy bodies and healthy minds.  Knowledge is power and I want you to feel powerful in the choices you make in your life about the health of you, your body and your family.

Inspired by the family and friends that I have shared my knowledge with, who kept telling me to put this out there more and tell more people, I have put together these 6-week courses to explore the best and most fascinating knowledge about health and science, in order to five you the tools and knowledge you need to make informed and positive choices with your health.  I share knowledge you won’t have come across anywhere else.

Each course is designed to be fun and social, as well as fact-filled, with goodies to take away too.

In this section you can find out about the following programs:

Getting Your Body Baby Friendly – a 6-week program for women seeking to prepare their bodies to be healthy in preparation for having a baby

Keeping Your Body Baby Friendly – a 6-week program for pregnant women wishing to keep their bodies healthy during pregnancy