Getting Your Body Baby Friendly


Preparing your body, mind & soul to welcome pregnancy 


Would you like to know how to clear your body of things in the environment that can make your body baby unfriendly and learn simple steps to reverse that?

Would you like to learn fascinating knowledge about health, the body, the environment that can support the health of your body for life?

Are you ready to discover tried-and-tested ways of making yourself look, smell and feel gorgeous that are baby friendly?

Would you enjoy learning some great tips and techniques from the complementary therapy world that support fertility?

Would you like to get together with some like-minded women, make new friends, have some fun and get some gorgeous goodies just for you too?


It can be a challenge living a busy working life, finding time to look after you, and prepare and get yourself ready for a baby. It can also be hard when all you want is to be pregnant, and you seem to see only pregnant women around you, wishing you were one of them too, and wondering why it hasn’t happened for you yet. There is so much advice out there saying “do this, do that”, “check this and check that” – oh and while you’re at it, “relax, for goodness sake!” I remember my experience being like that too.

You can only do and give so much in every day, and there is so much information out there, that how can you know it all, and find peace in your journey to motherhood?

I have been on a lifetime’s journey exploring health, and am fascinated by so many different approaches to health, that I wanted to help empower women to learn to listen to their natural instincts about what works for them – to share all that I have learned along the way as a complementary therapist, from my own personal research, and from my experience.

Would you like to:

  • Learn a range of simple and easy techniques that boost fertility?
  • Rediscover how to listen to what YOUR INDIVIDUAL body needs to be healthy, rather than follow a one-size-fits-no-one approach?
  • Be empowered to know what you specifically need to boost your health and fertility? 
  • Learn knowledge and skills that will empower you to maintain your health, and that of your family for life?
  • Connect with other wonder(ful) women just like YOU?
  • Have some fun, get freebie goodies, laugh and enjoy being supported by and making new friends?





4bWho am I?

Hi I’m Danica and I just so happen to be a complementary therapist, psychologist, trainer, coach, healer, conscious (healthy!) cake maker and author with a passion for training and teaching others how to be empowered to have healthy bodies and healthy minds, enabling others to remember how to listen to their bodies, and what their bodies need and want at any one time.

I take a holistic and personalised approach to health – that what each of us needs is unique to us, but that if we have access to a range of tools and techniques – and the ability to truly listen to what our needs state at any one time, we can meet those needs.

I have helped other women prepare their bodies for pregnancy, and have been repeatedly told that the knowledge I have needs to be shared more widely so all women have it. I have been encouraged by those women to put together something that will reach more people, because what I share isn’t known about generally, and needs to be. I believe in empowering others to make choices that work for them, but we can only make choices that support lifelong health for us and our children if we have knowledge about health.

So I wanted to bring together my 20 years’ experience as a trainer, my experience as a complementary therapist and healer with my love and knowledge of and passion for health. So I bring together knowledge about reflexology, EFT, energy work, ThetaHealing, healing, psychology, meditation, chemistry, biology, herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, natural health products and making ourselves healthy in an environment that can be baby unfriendly.

I am a qualified reflexologist, EFT, Reiki and ThetaHealing practitioner, a psychologist with a passion for strengths and mindset, and someone who has spent years working with herbs, homeopathy, nutrition and natural products and worked for Neal’s Yard Remedies for a time.


Together we will cover:


Week 1 – A healthy mindset for a healthy body

  • Discover your mindset and thinking about your health, and the possibility of you becoming pregnant
  • Learn how to easily shift and clear limited thinking using EFT and energy work
  • Explore the science of mindset – and learn about the impact of your thoughts on your body
  • Be empowered to use your thoughts to create positive experiences in your life
  • Meditation: increasing the power of positive thinking


Week 2 –  The environment and your body 

  • Learn about underlying things in the environment that can make your body baby unfriendly – and simple steps to reverse that
  • Discover easy techniques to rid your body of toxins
  • Find out about how you can make your environment full supportive of health for you and your family
  • Discover tried-and-well-tested products that work to support your health (*I am not sponsored by or promote any company, but share what I have learned works from across a wide spectrum!)
  • Learn how to use kinesiology to make choices about what you use on and in your body that your body will love
  • Meditation: Learning to hear and trust your gut instinct
  • Bonus: samples of healthy products that are brilliant!


Week 3 – Nutrition

  • Learn about the powerful ways you can improve your health through your diet
  • Discover what different foods can do to support immune and hormone health
  • Explore the nature of supplements and what works and doesn’t work
  • Learn simple steps you can take in your life that can have a powerful health-boosting effect
  • Realise how powerful you are by how you use your money to guarantee not only your health, but the health of others
  • Meditation: Visualising your cells absorbing the optimum levels of nutrition from your food
  • Bonus: healthy recipes and cakes from The Conscious Cake Company


Week 4 – Lessons from the world of natural health

  • Learn about herbal remedies and teas that can support health
  • Discover what homeopathy is, and how it can work
  • Explore flower remedies that support the health of your body and your mind
  • Meditation: Connecting with the power of natural remedies that you individually want to try
  • Bonus: samples of organic health-boosting teas to take home


Week 5 – Relaxation 

  • Learn how to positively release stress and tension using a unique and remarkable (and failsafe!) approach
  • Learn simple reflexology techniques that you and your partner can use to boost health and fertility
  • Explore the science that supports meditation
  • Identify simple techniques to bring more peacefulness into your everyday life
  • Meditation: Relaxation for your body, mind and soul
  • Bonus: Reflexology chart to take away


Week 6 –  Bringing it all together 

  • Learn about the interesting perspectives that different philosophies take on fertility and health
  • Reconnect with what your truth about your health and your next steps are
  • Reflect upon what works best for you
  • Be inspired by the discoveries of others in the group
  • Meditation: Connecting with your baby friendly mind and body
  • Bonus: celebratory cakes from The Conscious Cake Company


Please note: there are only 8 places available for this Program, so please do book, as these places will go quickly!


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Tuesday evenings, 7.30-9.30pm, starting on Tuesday 5 April 2016



Blackheath, London



Your investment

Your investment for the 6-week course, including freebie gifts and goodies is £195.

How to Book


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If you would like to discuss any part of this programme with Danica, email her via or call 07739 967841 (between 10am and 3pm Mon-Fri) for more information.



The information given in this course should not be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice; always consult a medical practitioner. All responsibility for the use of any of the information discussed or shared by anyone in the group lies solely with the individual using it.