The 3 most powerful words in manifesting (that will surprise you…….!)

6_(4)I have just discovered something REALLY amazing about manifestation. There is a magic phrase, which if you use it will really help you to achieve your dreams.


Before I tell you what it is (because it might surprise you), let me share with you what it isn’t. It isn’t:




“I can see myself doing…….”

“I can feel myself being……”

“I know what I want for myself”

“I know the answers”

“If I set the intention to……”

“I will visualise my success.”

“I just need to revisit my vision board….”


All of these phrases are useful and helpful in their own way. But I don’t know about you, despite my Herculean efforts at times to manifest the desires I intended for myself, they wouldn’t come about.


Ah ha! I laugh. I think I have found out why.


I am about to launch a completely new business. It is doing something I LOVE and I will be setting it up in a completely new way – a fully conscious business, that brings together all that I love and teach – but here’s the thing. It’s a total surprise to me that I would be doing it, and is 100% not what I have been imagining myself doing.


I will be baking.


Not – as I have worked hard to do over the last seven years – teaching, writing, healing or meditating. Not directly, anyway.


The company I am starting, and what and how I will be baking, will embody everything I do and believe about how we are here to be the change. It will embody everything I have come to understand about health and the planet and life and how amazing our bodies are. So I WILL be teaching and writing and sharing and meditating (baking is mindful and meditative at times). I will be bopping around dancing (maybe even in my trainers) to happy tunes at other times, whilst waving a whisk in the air (another fave is raving). I will at times be helped by the love of my cute little munchkin and his love of baking too. My love of healing will go into everything I create, so that the people who eat my goodies will, if they so choose, receive unconditional love and whatever healing they need at that time.


When I have shared my vision with friends, they have all been overjoyed, because of how it is the perfect combination and expression of all my gifts, my heart, my love and my passions.


So how did it come about? How did I connect with manifesting such an amazing opportunity?


It was with three simple words.


“I don’t know”.


“I don’t know” is one of the most powerful phrases we have access to. Sounds like a crazy juxtaposition, doesn’t it?! Being able to say “I don’t know” changes everything in your life.


One of the amazing ways we have learned to limit ourselves in life is to “think” about the answers that are right, or logical, or make sense in some way to our cognisant minds. Our school system teaches us the rules of chemistry, physics, biology, French, german – and the core dates in history when significant events have transformed our lives forever. We are used to thinking. We are taught that knowledge is power, and inherent in that is a suggestion that a lack of knowledge is a lack of power.


I have spent years thinking about what I could be doing, then doing it, in a kind of logical order. My thoughts would NEVER have encompassed me building a baking business. So it took for me to exhaust every possibility I could think of with my mind about what I should do next – especially when I was struggling to get my work out into the world or not earning enough to live on.  When we are anxious, our adrenaline response puts us on high alert and we think and think and think to try to find the answer that will keep us safe, make us look like we are doing something proactive to change the status quo.


the-magic-art-of-letting-goAnd yet, in letting go – in truly surrendering – by saying “I don’t know”, we connect with our hearts. However the way we say “I don’t know” is what matters.


I am not talking about the type of frantic “I don’t know what to do!!!!” that comes from a panicked mind, worried about looking like a failure or a mess. It is the kind of “I don’t know” that means “you know what, I have thought of everything I can and right now I just don’t know what the next thing to do is” – and then taking a deep breath and not worrying anymore – but just carrying on with your day.


It’s OK not to know the answers. In that place of not knowing we create the space in our hearts for our next steps to truly and beautifully land within us. It is in those moments, that the truth of our next steps may drop in and surprise us, as we are connected with the answers we have been seeking.


It took 7 years of building my career as a spiritual teacher and writer before I finally let go. Had I stayed in my head-space, I would still be trying to teach and write (which I still do). Now though, my life is about to be enriched doing something that I never realised could be a career. The flow I am in because I have let go is remarkable and I feel truly humbled.


As Joseph Campbell said, ‘We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.’