Changemakers’ Program

4 Week Program: How To Talk About World Issues Positively


Are you passionate about speaking up on issues that you know can affect others, but that aren’t always easy topics to discuss in our world?


Are you a changemaker, teacher, speaker, leader in the world, yet still afraid to talk publicly about the issues you talk about privately that you know we face in our world today?


Do you find yourself staying silent when others vociferously challenge what you have to say?


Would you like to be able to stay strong, calm, present and compassionate in how you respond to those who disagree with what you have to say about challenges in our world?


Would you like to build your confidence to share deep and profound truths about our world and how we can facilitate lasting and positive change positively?

It can be a challenge having knowledge based on considerable research, questioning, truth-seeking or personal experience of some issues where there are strong beliefs held in wider society that are different to what you know to be true.


This knowledge or experience can be about anything – from exploring more about politics, food production, health, money – or indeed simply personal beliefs about spirituality. It takes courage to share what we understand with others, especially when those around us might not be ready to hear what we have to say – and indeed in some cases can become angry.


Even with many years’ experience of sharing complex knowledge and concepts with others, and having a huge following, most leaders and speakers will shy away from some of the more controversial topics in our world, afraid of losing their following, or income, or being trolled. So many popular speakers, teachers, leaders & facilitators get caught in the trap of sharing what they think their clients or students would like to hear, afraid to truly share really important wisdoms, truths and experiences.


So if this is what happens with popular speakers, how do all of us find the courage to talk about the issues we feel matter if it’s just one of us surrounded by people who would challenge what we have come to know to be true?


Are you one of many who is afraid of what your family, friends, loved ones, clients or followers might think of you if you talked about some of these issues? This program was developed with you in mind. And here’s why.


We are living in remarkable times in our world, times when we must speak up more and more strongly.


This is NOT a program that will tell you what to think about any of these subjects – or indeed others. This is a program that will help YOU talk about the controversial subjects that matter to YOU.


On top of coming to peace with fears we can have of speaking about issues we know matter, being seen and heard for what we have researched and experienced, knowing what to say and how to say it, knowing how to deal with difficult questions and people who can be difficult, and so it can seem like a struggle.


I am here to help you change that. I want to show you how you can comfortably share what you know to be true whilst you:


  • face your own resistance about stepping up to talk about what you know matters
  • move out of staying silent so that you overcome barriers to talking about what you know matters in the world from a place of leadership, presence and inner strength – and give others permission to the do the same
  • develop your resilience and compassion to enable you to deal with challenging responses more comfortably
  • are part of the movement that is bringing in a new paradigm of kindness, peace and love to our planet.

I’ve developed this program to specifically help develop the new generation of truthseekers, leaders, spiritual teachers, facilitators, and changemakers to:


  • Find your voice, confidence, strength and poise in talking calmly about the issues that you know matter
  • Remain present with any challenges others might make
  • Connect with greater understanding and compassion to others’ position
  • Recognise when to speak up even when it’s a little scary to do so, and when to step back
  • Identify, communicate and share positive visions for the future with others
  • Meet others virtually who also are sharing profound truths and feel supported (and no longer alone!)
  • Inspire others to seek truth, speak truth and be love too!



Hi I’m Danica. I found myself being one of these people. Firstly it was because I had had a spiritual awakening and worked through learning how to tell people that I work with angels. Confidently. It was hard! But I got there, and learned what to do to facilitate ongoing conversations, and what caused others to back away. I learned how to respond when others were uncomfortable – positively. Then it became about food when I started The Conscious Cake Company, and found that there is an EU Directive that prevents us from talking about how food can be medicine. I was trolled for describing how some of the ingredients have been used in studies to promote health (and in some cases treat serious conditions). And finally it came with my “coming out” as someone who has vaccine damage, and having done a huge amount of research into vaccination, and what it means for me, my family and others in the world, and sharing this. I started my career aspirations in the world of science (Pharmacy studies then a Psychology degree) and have experience as a researcher, so I applied my love of learning and researching with my questioning mind to seek truth and to get answers that I have come to share with others. And what I realised was this.


We are living in such exciting times. More and more people are waking up and realizing that what we are being told by the media is not always true, or the whole picture. More and more people are asking more and more questions, which is leading to the uncovering, discovering and sharing of knowledge that has until recently evaded us.


Our collective silence has kept some things happening that we would prefer not to happen, and I realised that only  people having courage to speak up would be truly liberating for us all. I wanted to build a program and a supportive community where we learn to talk about what we feel really matters to us, from a place of presence, understanding and compassion.


All the time, I meet people with big and small followings in the world who are afraid to speak about what they really think matters, including what they see happening in our world, and I feel we are reaching a tipping point – a time when more of us have the courage to talk openly about what matters and truly lead. This Program invites you to explore how to do that in a way that is safe for you, and from a place of strength, love, compassion, respect but also a belief in yourself to make a difference.


As someone who found it hard to talk about many things – my own personal experiences, my work with angels, healing and Source, my political, health and environmental perspectives, love in business – I have been on a real journey about how to share all of these aspects of our lives from a place of true presence, confidence and inner strength that ensures that we are truly heard, even when seriously challenged or dismissed. I can really share from experience what I have found to help in sharing what we know matters, and staying in our inner strength (and not wobbling!), and also remaining compassionate and present with those who would argue vehemently against what we have to share.


So this Program is designed to take you and your message to a whole new level no matter whether you influence small or vast numbers of people, to give you the tools to develop what you do and how you do it – as a teacher, leader, changemaker, a truthseeker and truthteller.


Most importantly, it is a course to build your inner strength, your presence and your inner power so that you can confidently shine a light on the shadow of the world and be part of the movement for positive, peaceful and lasting change.


It is a course to FREE YOU and YOUR VOICE from all that stops you from truly being the leader and truth teller you are here to be, inspiring others to step up and do the same.

The Program 

This is a 4-week online Program with a 90 minute webinar each week, including a Q&A session. You will also be welcomed to a powerful and supportive online community in a Facebook group where you can share ideas with other awesome and inspiring people also seeking and speaking truth!


Together we will cover:


Week 1 – The Psychology of Seeking Truth & Speaking Truth

  • Introduction: How this all began & why it matters now
  • What is truth? Can it be objective?
  • What is a Changemaker?
  • The Psychology of Seeking Truth: Our beliefs and how they shape the world
  • The Psychology of Speaking Truth: Bystander Apathy & The Spiral Of Silence
  • The Law of Attraction: How to focus on challenges without creating more of them
  • Gaslighting: What is it and is it always negative?
  • The Butterfly Effect
  • Jung: Speaking up and the Collective Consciousness
  • The “Witch Wound”
  • The David & Goliath effect & what it means for you
  • Inspiring examples of those in history who spoke up when told not to

Bonus: Meditation to visualise releasing barriers to speaking up


Week 2 – Seeking Evidence for Truth through Science, Statistics & Research 

  • What is science?
  • The study of science within the education system
  • Scientific studies: our need for “physical proof”
  • Scientific studies: double blind studies, controlled studies, funding for studies, and the role marketing & PR play
  • Statistics: How statistical analyses work (made fun for people who hate maths!)
  • How data is used to provide evidence
  • An investigative journalists’ secret key to a good story – and what that means for you
  • Researching evidence
  • Staying positive & building a great vision for a positive outcome
  • Inspiring examples of how change is always possible: the “impossible” is always possible


Bonus: Meditation to connect with your ability to identify what does and does not resonate with you as a truth seeker


Week 3 – Speak Up Positively & Respond to Challenges Confidently


  • What can happen when  we speak up – and when we don’t
  • How to know when to speak up
  • How to speak up positively
  • Why other people respond the way they do, and what we can – and can’t – do about that
  • It’s all in the delivery: how to speak up in ways that encourage people to listen
  • Techniques for staying calm (and being compassionate!) with those who try to silence you
  • A modern phenomena: dealing with trolls
  • Knowing when to step forward and when to step back
  • Staying positive even when it can seem tough
  • Being love: looking after yourself as well as others
  • Inspiring truth speakers we can draw strength from


Bonus: Meditation to visualise releasing connecting with your ability to speak up from a place of peace and calm


Week 4 – Q&A

  • Reflecting on all we have covered in the Program
  • Sharing examples and inspiration for the truths you are seeking to share
  • Generating ideas for new ways forward from the group
  • Enjoying support for your journey as a truth seeker and truth teller
  • Inspiring others with your own experiences (if you would like to!)



The next 4 week Changemakers’ Program will begin on Tuesday 3 October 2017.

Each class will be held on a Tuesday from 8-9.30pm (GMT) every week for 4 weeks, finishing on Tuesday 24 October 2017.


What’s the investment? 

This course is designed to support your growth as a powerful teacher, leader and changemaker on the Earth, no matter how much or how little experience you have in facilitating workshops and learning opportunities.

I would like to welcome every teacher, leader & changemaker who knows this course can help them evolve and be an even more powerful voice and presence on the Earth – irrespective of whether your immediate level of influence is small groups or large auditoriums! This Program is designed to take you from where you are right now and facilitate your growth and expansion from that place.  So I offer 6 price points, based on your level of income – everyone receives the same access to all of the Program, irrespective of payment choice. My only request is that you are in your integrity in which payment option you choose – so please choose honestly!

Choose your investment amount according to your income (either a) your PAYE income or b) your annual takings if self-employed))


Option 1: £35 (for those on benefits and incomes below £17,000 pa*)

Option 2:  £60 (for those whose incomes are £17,000 – £30,000 pa)

Option 3: £95 (for those whose incomes are £30,001 – £60,000 pa)

Option 4: £125 (for those whose incomes are £60,001 – £120,000pa)

Option 5: £295 (for those whose incomes are over £120,001 – £250,000 pa)

Option 6: £595 (for those whose incomes are over £250,000 pa)

*Students are not automatically included here, as there can be a wide variation in the financial circumstances of each student, some from low income backgrounds, and some from wealthy backgrounds, so please choose your option based on your individual situation.


How to Book

Income-based payment options